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Jacquie Lawson e-cards

Here you'll find our amazing english e-cards to say 'Good night', 'I love you', 'Have a nice day', 'Merry christmas', 'Happy new year', 'Get well soon', 'Happy birthday' or whatever you like. Please click the type of card you wish to see from the list below. We hope you enjoy browsing our e-cards. Holiday cards here.

Iris Zschirnt's animated e-cards use a software program called Flash which provides the means of displaying animated graphics with music. Flash is currently the only widely-supported tool for displaying web-based animations, and without it, these cards simply could not exist.


Angels, Jesus Christ Angels, Jesus Christ Happy Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day Christmas Merry Christmas
Crossover Crossover Independence Day Happy Independence Day Christmas Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Friends Friendship New Year Happy New Year  Season Spring Season Spring
Good Morning Good Morning / Nice Day St. Patrick's Day  (Sláinte) Happy St. Patrick's Day  (Sláinte) Season Summer Season Summer
Good Night Good Night Thanksgiving  Happy Thanksgiving  Season Autumn, Fall Season  Autumn, Fall
Birthday Happy Birthday  Valentine Happy Valentine's Day Season Winter Season Winter
Easter Happy Easter In Memory 9/11 In Memory 9/11 Sorry Sorry
Halloween Happy Halloween  Love Love, Wedding Thank You Thank You
Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day Memorial Days (Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day, Happy Flag Day, Veterans Day, In Memory of 9/11, Welcome Home) Memorial Days Wellness, Get Well Wellness, Get Well